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The drum-head of the dream
which the craftsman of the TUZUMI store"HAKUHO" makes

The one highest article
which carried out special processing of the strongest cloth KEVLAR in the world, and completed it

Characteristic @ Sound of the deep rich skin
@ Not influenced by humidity and temperature
@ Preeminent durability which changes a disposable concept
@ The more it uses, the more it becomes your original sound
@ Handmade of a craftsman

Snare head
(14in) KEVLAR
Snare side
(14in) Transparent film
Fat & BrightSharp & DryUncoatedCoated

# By carrying out concavo-convex processing for brushes to the surface, in case it is wear, it can fix by re-coating processing.
# Coating of a Snare side is the same concavo-convex processing as a Snare head.
# For handmade, production may not fulfill demand but it may be sold out.

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